Sunday, October 9, 2016

what I really want for my birthday

Its about a week until my birthday, and I'll tell you what I want (what I really, really want, and that had better not be a Spice Girls song going through your head right now!) I want a damn lock on the bathroom door that actually works.

I'm the only person in the house who needs to use a lock on the bathroom. Half the time my parents don't completely close the door when they're inside, and Mum is only going to get walked in on by her husband or daughter, who cares right? But me.... I want the door knob fixed.

Dad can't hear the shower running. Dad can't remember someone is even in the bathroom. Dad won't knock. I just want to have a shower and relax without having my ears pricked for every little sound and worrying about getting barged in on.

I live with all manner of unsightly things. I live with constant bickering. I live with worrying about 84 year olds having surgery that they probably shouldn't really be having, and stopping people from doing crazy things they really shouldn't be doing.

I want to sing in the shower and forget my troubles.

When asking my mother about getting the door knob fixed by someone other than Dad I get told "things like that cost money". Oh right. Yep. That must be the world's most expensive big ticket home maintenance item. We can never scrape up enough pennies for that!

Give me a damn lock on the door! Or at least permission to personally pay for someone to come and restore my few minutes of escape each day. That is what I want for my birthday. Sorry for the rant.

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