About Strange Nest

I'm Starry, young, fun, and single.... and living with my elderly parents in what I refer to as "an interesting social experiment"

Our nest is strange, it is cramped, one of the birds is deaf, we're all cracked.

If this works, my parents can stay in their own home for the rest of their lives. If this works. As long as the dreaded dementia does not knock on our door. I hope there is an age at which if it hasn't knocked its not going to, but I'm afraid to ask a doctor. I will one day. Maybe. There seems to be a lot more important things to take care of and remember.

To succeed as a family we have to reinvent our existing family dynamic. If you've got older parents, you know what I mean - at a certain age you parent them.... but they don't like it. And it gets tense. They need to see me as an adult, and understand it is not usual for me to live like this. I need to understand that their abilities are changing, and that it is still their nest and I'm the guest.

To say that family is one of the biggest blessings but also the greatest trials you will ever face in life is almost universally true.

I hope our concept of "living as a team" prevails over our trials. But even failure can be fascinating (people are still intrigued by the Titanic, after all)

So behold... our experimental lives!

This is a post I wrote about a typical day in our lives its still one of my favourite posts.

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